Success stories

Within the China’s International Business forum (Global China Business Meeting) the entrepreneurs’ club „Riga Mark”, established by the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (LTRK) and the Riga City Council’s foundation Live Riga, organized a degustation of authentic Latvian products, during which the foreign guests were offered the opportunity to taste home produced food production.

On November 26 in the hotel Radisson Blu Latvia 400 foreign and more than 100 company representatives from Latvia got acquainted with a high quality, ecologic production from Latvian manufacturers. Participants of this important event for Latvian food producers are: Pure Chocolate Ltd., Latfood JSC, Brīvais vilnis JSC, Piebalgas alus Ltd., Rīgas piena kombināts JSC, Ricberry Ltd., Rēzekne meet factory Ltd. and Lāči Ltd.

Chinese entrepreneurs have already expressed interest in the cooperation with Rēzekne meet factory Ltd.
TCTC filming crew will be in Latvia for 10 days. The Entrepreneur club “Rīgas Marka” has prepared a special programme for Chinese journalists that allows to get acquainted with Latvian uniqueness and values – nature and culture heritage value, variety of culture and traditions that exist alongside modern business environment and technologies. The filming crew will visit Latvian companies, educational and cultural establishments, as well as municipalities, to get to know more about business success stories, achievements and investment potential. The project is participated by: JSC Latvijas Gāze, Turiba University, Cēsis region municipality, Freeport of Riga Authority, Latio, agriculture farm “Zemitāni”, Munchausen’s museum.

“This cooperation project is a good example of how to promote the recognition of Latvia and Riga as business tourism destinations within vast Asian continent by getting acquainted with unique values of Latvia, that in long-term perspective is very substantial for development of cooperation in the field of economics,” regards Mr. Normunds Štāls, member of the board of the Entrepreneur’s club “Rīgas Marka”. He also admits that project has highlighted several problems – necessity for making easier issues of receiving visa and developing direct air traffic between Latvia and China. These are problems of vital importance for Latvian entrepreneurs, which the entrepreneur’s club undertakes to solve using resources available to our cooperation partners.

Costs of the project are high, therefore within limits of the project Chinese television channel has undertaken to cover all expenses related to filming and broadcasting, whereas the entrepreneur’s club “Rīgas Marka” together with its cooperation partners (LIVE RIGA, SIA 1TRAVEL, SIA “Sabiedrisko attiecību aģentūra PR Stils”/Versus Grey, LNT, Islande Hotel, Bibliotēka N°1 Restaurant and society Latvian – Chinese business council) organise accommodation for the filming crew, as well as provide everything that is necessary for successful implementation of the project.

The China Travel Channel ( is a TV channel in China which tells and shows about the variety of the world. The channel is broadcasted throughout the territory of China. It is the largest and most influential TV channel of its kind in Southeast Asia. Average viewership of the channel reaches more that 500 million viewers. The China Travel Channel favours healthy lifestyle, lenity to nature and ecologically clean productions units and factories, therefore the filming crew will film television production cycle in Latvia.

The Entrepreneur’s club “Rīgas Marka” unites most successful manufacturers, exporters and service providers, which use their competence and knowledge for strengthening total Latvian export capacity. The Entrepreneurs’ club is developed as a platform for creating new export and manufacturing development ideas, as well as an environment for constructive business discussions and cooperation between most skilful and successful Latvian entrepreneurs.
This spring there were new production lines worth approximately one million euro installed in Rīgas piena kombināts JSC that are one of the most up-to-date in the diary processing industry. These production lines are used to produce new “Mana Saime” brand diary products that have already gained popularity.

Important part of the production process is Nordson company’s hot glue stations. They are being used on daily basis for packing and gluing yogurt “Mana Saime”, milk “Lāsēns”, butter and other products into cardboard boxes.

Nordson is a US founded company and one of its main business directions is manufacturing of glue stations. Nordson is a pioneer in this field, because it was the first to develop hot glue covering technology in industrial manufacturing.

In Latvia Nordson company is represented by SIA Nordtech. Its commercial director Mr. Andrey Tkachenko tells that during these one and a half years of operation the company has succeeded in establishing cooperation with manufacturing companies and gaining authority among the customers.

SIA Nordtech provides full servicing of gluing stations – prophylaxis, repair, adjusting of gluing equipment, supply of spare parts, as well as development of new products. “Manufacturing equipment is expensive. Manufacturing companies will economically benefit more if they will use our service rather than try to repair the equipment themselves,” explains Mr. A.Tkachenko.

There are “flagships” of Latvian food production industry among the customers of the company – Rīgas piena kombināts, Rīgas piensaimnieks, Rīgas dzirnavnieks, Latvijas balzams, Gutta, Cido and Laima. There is also Latvijas finieris among the customers of the company. “Lately hot glue is being intensively used in various production areas – from gluing simple cardboard packaging to production of self-sticking labels and parquet. Therefore application options are very wide,” says Mr. A.Tkachenko.

The company has approximately 50 customers in Latvia. The market share of Nordson gluing stations in the world is 78%. A.Tkačenko estimates that in Latvia it reaches even 85%.

Since there are limited growth possibilities in Latvian market, SIA Nordtech plans to expand its business activities by opening representation offices in Armenia, Georgia an Azerbaijan.

Additional information is available on the company’s internet website:

From June 14-16 the first international festival of geographic marketing and branding OPEN took place in Minsk, Belorussia. “Rīgas Marka” took second place in nomination “Project, event, campaign”.

The concept of the Entrepreneur’s club “Rīgas Marka” in fierce competition with only few points’ difference lost to project from Russia – “Fairytale ring of Russia” – interregional tourism project, which includes tourism routes along places of residence of Russian fairytale heroes. The third place was also taken by a project from Russia – youth employment project “The Green Diplomas”. The purpose of this project is to select and support young specialists, who have graduated from the Altai university and who have previous work experience in their future profession or who are engaged in research and scientific work in their field, as well as to create positive image for the Altai region.

This competition was also participated by another Latvian project “LIVE RIGA”, which was nominated in the category “Brand of the country/region” and took 1st place in its category as well as Grand Prix of the festival.

The OPEN festival could be participated by anyone who is interested in events, geographic marketing and branding tendencies and directions: advertising agencies, designers, marketing specialists, developers of advertising products, tourism industry personnel, state administration institutions, mass media, sole proprietors a.o.

There were 16 nominations all together in the festival. In three categories (project/campaign in printed media, radio project, photo) there were no projects nominated. There were also few categories in which no first place was awarded (Brand of the city/village/community/estate; advertising banners, logos, slogans).
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