Trade mark “Rīgas Marka”

Trade mark “Rīgas Marka” is an officially registered trade mark belonging to Riga city, which is being assigned to high quality products and services. Trade mark “Rīgas Marka” and advantages of the production labelled with this trade mark are being promoted in all Latvia’s main priority export markets (Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom a.o.), by providing the companies and service providers, which are using the trade mark, bigger opportunities for promoting their exports.

The purpose of using “Rīgas Marka” is to promote recognition and regular presence of Riga city, as well as Latvian manufactured products and services in the public informative space. Furthermore it provides an opportunity for manufacturers and providers of high quality goods and services to successfully implement and increase development of products and services in export markets with little investments of money and time.

One of the main tasks of the administration and members of the Entrepreneurs’ club “Rīgas Marka” is to provide for the production labelled with the trade mark accelerated mechanism of crossing the borders of EU/CIS states or creating of the “green corridor”.
How does it work?
Quality control
Manufacturer and its production shall comply with the requirements of the club. Only then manufacturer acquires the right to label its production with the „Rīgas Marka” trade mark.
Production labelled with the „Rīgas Marka” trade mark has relieved border crossing regulations – whole process takes not more than 15 minutes.
Promoting the goods
Production labelled with the „Rīgas Marka” trade mark is being sold through trade networks of the partners.
5-15 min border crossingGreen corridor