Abuss Cargo
AbussCargo is a flexible and individual approach focused courier and freight company, that has successfully partnered with many companies, one of which is the U.S. embassy in Latvia. In our last year of work, we have seriously changed our vision of the direction in which we want to run our work and what should be a simple and efficient express delivery model. The longer operate, the closer we approach to this, in our opinion, ideal relationship model formed between the company and the customer. Moving towards this model helps us successfuly direct negotiations with potential partners, both latvian and abroad, as well as improving relations with the already existing ones. We believe that flexibility and therefore, an individual approach and simplicity that balances the orderly mechanism of action are keywords of our field, so the goal is, to scope not only our company, but all freight and express field, as much as possible, closer to that model.
Assol un partneri
„Riga yard” is particularly arranged and equipped trade area in supermarkets where are located Latvian goods. This is the only place where is possible to find the widest range of food products range from Latvia, it’s a sort of permanent exhibition of Latvian goods in Moscow. „Riga Yard” guarantees quality of offered products, which are made from natural ingredients and special packing, in terms of marketing, with Riga / Latvian symbols. Trade stands are arranged with views of Old Riga, Riga centre-specific elements and resemble the Old Town courtyard.
At the moment in Moscow the project „Riga yard” is carried out by Latvian and Russian joint venture „Assol un partneri” Ltd, registered in Latvia.
Komerccentrs DATI grupa
„Komerccentrs DATI Grupa” Ltd., founded in 1993, is one of the leading information technology companies that offer high quality solutions to complex technology and outsourcing services throughout the Latvia, which ensures the quality processes and quality management, and highly skilled professionals. „Komerccentrs DATI Grupa” Ltd. shall be made not only in product delivery and implementation, but also provides customers with fast and high quality support services and advice to facilitate the customers’ work and increase their competitiveness in the market.
Brīvais vilnis
In no time, JSC “Brivais vilnis” became one of the largest and financially most stable fish processing companies in the Baltics, the industry leader. JSC “Brivais vilnis” is the first company in the Baltics to obtain compliance certification of EU Directive 91/493/EEC which permits the company to exports goods to EU member states.
Republic Performance
We are looking for the emerging and innovate products to present them to seasoned investors and global market communities. We are organizing multimedia events to give insides of contemporary sales and market development technique. We are engineering „fit-in” sales process, to bring most desirable result on competitive market, by delivering steady income to shareholders.
Latio is the leading, full-service real estate company in the real estate field in Latvia, having extensive listings of residential, office and retail space, as well as industrial, commercial property and landed estates in Latvia and Baltic region. Founded in 1991, currently Latio Corporate Group (Latio, Latio Namsaimnieks, and the land survey and spatial planning company METRUM) employs over 300 real estate professionals. Latio is represented by 26 offices throughout the territory of Latvia: in Riga, Jurmala, and all the major cities of Latvia, as well as in the Estonian capital Tallinn. The company owns impartial information about the current situation in the Latvian real estate market that provides support in identifying development trends and the factors that may affect the market development most directly. Latio is an associated member of the associations LANĪDA (The Latvian Real Estate Association) and LĪVA (The Latvian Association of Property Appraisers). Internationally, Latio is a member of the associations TEGoVA, IVSC, FIABCI, CEPI, NAR. Latio is the first complex service provider in the real estate sector, the management system thereof being certified according to ISO 9001:2008 standard.
Islande Hotel
Islande Hotel was opened in March of 2006 and it corresponds to the rank of four-star hotel. The hotel is located in Ķīpsala, the centre of Riga – 10 minutes walk from Vecrīga.
Spotlight Media
Spotlight Media – is the Publishing house, the PR and Advertising agency. All three media company’s working spheres are joined with a concept of trustworthy and qualitative information, that with different goals and in various forms is presented to wide audience of readers, clients and partners.
The Publishing house regularly issues 4 magazines: the Status, the Railway, the Status Недвижимость (Real Estate) and the Platinum for business audience and elite representatives. Distribution channels of the press: airports, international trains, banks, hotels, exhibitions a.o. The PR agency presents services of marketing and social relationships’ development, market analysis, strategic planning, and outer communication’s improvement among a company, potential clients and partners. The Advertising agency is engaged in elaboration of advertising companies, mediaplans’ preparing and creation of various advertising materials.
Vahrushev Branding and Design
Vahrushev Branding and Design is a company with a history of 10 years. We have extensive work experience with clients both in the East and the West. Our main business directions are branding, web development, user interfaces, industrial design.
Tourism agency 1Travel
Travel agency 1Travel is operating in tourism market already for 15 years. During this time the company has amassed extensive work experience in organising tours and travels to Baltic states, Europe, China and USA.

One of the most important directions of the company’s business activities is accommodation and servicing tourists in Baltic states and Scandinavian countries.