Club members

Members of the Entrepreneur club „Rīgas Marka” are the largest and most active Latvian companies, which play an unambiguous role in the life of our country – they provide jobs for thousands of people and considerable tax income for the state.

Managers of these companies can be surely called the guides of the Latvian economy. All club members receive a membership card, which not only shows the status, but also provides for many different privileges.

Club partners

Only reliable and trustworthy companies, which have endured the challenge of time and reputation and can provide the highest quality service, can become partners of the Entrepreneurs’ club „Riga Mark”. Only those that comply with these requirements acquire this status. Our partners can be proud of the acquired status, because now they are among the best. There are leading Latvian companies in such areas as design, branding, hotel and public catering services, printing works, public relations among our partners.